Home Decorating Ideas: The 5 Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design

Sometimes less is really more. Most people who are stressed at work or at school will find it most rewarding to go home feeling refreshed and relieved when looking at simple interior design themes. Bold and vibrant colors tend to appear distracting, while clean and neutral shades are recognized as peaceful and calming. In this article, we will give some ideas on how to pull off simple and minimal design for a sleek look.

  1. Limit Your Furniture

Simplifying your home also means choosing only those functional pieces that are intended for a meaningful purpose. The first step is to strip your home down to bare essentials. Furniture that are kept only for display may be better off in other people’s home and sold in a garage sale. Within reason, those that will be staying should consist of solid and subdued colors and designs to maintain a modest charm. This is also an attempt to trying to leave plenty of open spaces around each furniture or decoration so you can further project an uncluttered ambience and airiness.


  1. Choose an Accent Color

Get a dose of adrenaline when choosing an accent color over tones of black, gray, white, or nude. While everything looks too simple, for instance, you can spice up the vibe of the living room with a red sofa and a red carpet. Having a good contrast of colors will bring more emphasis to the striking pieces of your space. If you decide to install carpeting, choose one that has interesting color that is the same as your sofa so you won’t bore even the visitors. Also, make sure to maintain and clean the area well, or find carpet cleaning in Adelaide for the task.

  1. Make Way for Large Windows

The key to make a minimal designed home bright despite the dull colors throughout is to put up large windows. Installing windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling is a great way to take advantage of natural lighting at daytime while also conserving electrical energy from light.

  1. Consider Wide-length Mirrors

Wide-length mirrors across a room bring the impression of making spaces larger. With this kind of illusion effect, the beauty of having a minimalist design can be accentuated and your space can look more elegant. Just make sure that you have well-defined lines within the home. Also, avoid intricate patterns so minimalism can be better portrayed.

  1. Be Smart With Storage

Having clutter may be the biggest mistake when you sport a minimal design for your home. It is very important to keep things out of sight. When you have kids playing around in the bedroom, you can teach them to put their toys back into their proper storage spaces afterward. Allot and designate spots that are logical to store items such as cabinets, shelves, and drawers in different areas to clear surfaces. You can also schedule your own version of “spring cleaning,” when you review items not being used for a while. Either consider donating it, trashing it, or finding a place for it to be used by others for good.


In these modern times, the simplicity of home design plays a huge part especially for people who take functionality as the most important and practical sense of living. Style, however, does not need to be compromised as there are a lot of great concepts lauded now with minimalism. Homeowners appreciate this style of interior design and you may find it inspiring, too. The goal is to reach the right balance of color, functionality and minimalism.


Author Bio

 Dana Ayson is a Design and Fine Arts student. She has a strong sense of adventure and wanderlust. Particularly addicted to DIYs and constantly redesigning her bedroom. Follow her on Google+.


How to Run a Business Out Of Your Garage

Running a business from your home has always been the number one choice for first timer entrepreneurs having a low budget, especially garage businesses are trending popularly nowadays. It’s less costly, more feasible, you have this huge space that’s just lying there useless, I mean yes many of people utilize as it for dumping unwanted stuff till the end of time, but if you put that junk aside and actually think about it, this ‘useless’ space can bring in a steady income if put to correct use, You don’t need to spend a fortune on renting out, commuting, bills and etc.
These basic tips can help you out set a foundation for your garage business:

    First and foremost, THINK about your idea, your business plan, what are you good at and how can you incorporate that with your garage. Is it feasible? Suitable? Is your garage the best place for you to have your business running from there? Think it thoroughly.
  • Location
    This is a crucial point to consider, always keep in mind about the location of your physical home and your business. You would want your location to be feasible and accessible not only for your customers but also for suppliers as well. Think it through whether your raw materials, your prospective clients can reach you.
  • Is there enough space
    There’s a difference between a full planned office and a garage, be weary of the fact that your garage is no 20 story building, Small spaces can be tricky and challenging but utilizing them isn’t impossible. First think about your product, envision the whole process, from the making to the selling and then mentally put it in your Garage Shelving Units. This is going to help you effectively plan out your office. If you find less space, then clear out all the unnecessary stuff and draw what you might put with a chalk, this would give you a good idea about floor plans.
  • Consideration
    Always remember that not everyone may be enthusiastic about your new business, especially your neighbors. Be considerate of them so they be considerate of you in return. Work with your garage door closed, this’ll reduce the noise and the gawking. Deliver your product to your respective courier service yourself, nobody likes loads of traffic coming to their home every other day. Be as transparent as you can about your business, if anybody comes knocking on your door asking about your doings, tell them, get their support. This is a great way for marketing as well.
  • The right people
    Know the importance of having the right people associated with your business, a good team is as vital for you as sunlight is for a plant. Yes you may not be able to get a lot of people right away at the beginning and you may have to manage lots of things by yourself, but even one or two correct and competent people can boost your business way up very quickly and can give you more time to focus on future developments.

Dream of Bauhaus Furniture? It Can Be Yours

If you’re into interior design, your home probably has no shortage of cool pieces that friends and family admire. But what about if you daydream of owning Bauhaus pieces but simply don’t have the budget to match your aspirations? You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer furniture to achieve a stylish look in your home, whether you are the proud owner of a country mansion or rent a small studio flat in the heart of the city.


Image Credit

High-quality, low prices

High-quality reproduction designer furniture is actually not that easy to find and as more of us shop online than ever before, the popularity of poor-quality pieces on online auction sites is on the rise. So how do you know that what you’re buying is of a high quality? Choose a furniture company which specialises in reproductions of designer furniture and you can’t go wrong.

Dream in retro

Always dreamed of owning a Arne Jacobson Egg Chair? With its high back and enclosed sides, this chair is the perfect place for a spot of reading, meditation or even gaming on your iPad. Its style – deliciously retro and available in a range of vibrant colours – is perfect both in modern and older properties, and with 60s interior design being very much in demand this season, according to Decoist, a reproduction Egg Chair is the perfect home accessory. The originals may be in the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, but you can own your very own reproduction for a fraction of the price.

Mix the old with the new

Reproduction furniture from designers such as Mies Van Der Rohe and Charles and Ray Eames looks great in a modern home alongside newer pieces, and if you’re wanting to embrace the 60s trend, websites such as pash-living.co.uk are a great place to start browsing for high-quality reproduction designer pieces. Whether you’re after a 60s style chair or a retro sofa, why pay for designer pieces when you could have a reproduction that’s built to last and affordable for all budgets? According to Voga Charles Eames chairs are one of the top reproduction pieces around, and you could pick up your very own for your home office or lounge!

Adding style to your home doesn’t mean a designer price tag, and nobody will even know that your pieces are reproductions. Classic styles never go out of fashion, and high-quality designer reproductions are not only fashionable, they will stand the test of time, adding an eye-catching look to your home whilst allowing you to have fun and express your sense of style. After all, who wants boring, bland white Ikea furniture and minimalist decor nowadays? Mix and match the old with the new for a funky, retro feel in your town house, or inject some personality into your rented flat with some cool reproduction pieces. It won’t cost the earth and it will give your home a unique look that’s sure to be the envy of friends and family.

Taking Care of Your Iron Gate

Taking care of your iron gate is well worth the extra time and effort. Iron gates are costly to begin with, and the lifespan of these gates can be shortened to a mere quarter of their potential if left untreated. Iron is a metal that corrodes easily when exposed to the elements. As an outdoor fixture, iron can easily go from beautiful to rusted, and then it is a short step to becoming completely useless. But don’t get overwhelmed, because there are some steps you can take to care for your outdoor iron to make sure it lasts a long time.

House 28(1)

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

The best way to have a long-lasting, maintenance-free experience with an iron gate is to get a good quality iron gate to start with. There are many different options available at a range of prices, but these basic principles define what makes a good quality iron gate. The gate structure should be welded closed. This means that open tubing, piping, or other hollow iron forms should be sealed and not open to air getting to the inside of the gate. Iron and moisture are not friends, so all iron surfaces should be protected. The iron should be coated, whether this is with galvanization, powder coating, oil, or paint, the gate should be protected from the elements. The coating should be applied after the gate has been welded together. If several pieces of galvanized iron are welded together to create a beautiful gate, the welds will not be protected even though the original pieces of iron are galvanized. For a good selection of quality automated gates, check out Lone Star Fence and Construction.

How to Protect Older Iron Gates That are Starting to Show Wear

Powder coating is hands down the best protectant for an iron gate. This is something that cannot be done in the field, but the results will last longer than other treatments. To powder coat an existing gate, it will need to be taken down, completely cleaned of all rust, and then powder coated professionally.

Painting is much simpler and can be done in place, but it does not last as long. Care should be taken to remove all rust, which can be done by sandblasting or chemical cleaning. If there is rust underneath the paint, then that rust will continue to spread and corrode the gate.

Keep an eye on the gate, especially in the hinge area. It is important to keep this area well-greased, because rust can develop if the area is unprotected. Preventative maintenance is key. Watch for rust or cracking in the finish, and treat these places immediately.

There are products available that act as solvents to rust. Naval Jelly is a great rust remover; just make sure to protect your hands with gloves when using these types of products. Spot treating areas that have developed rust, and greasing or painting these areas, will help your gate last between professional powder coating treatments.


This article was contributed on behalf of Lone Star Fence and Construction, your number one choice when looking for Wrought Iron Fencing. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

4 Signs You’ve Chosen a Great Neighborhood

The “Sold” sign is in the yard, and you’re ready to settle into your new home. In addition to being pleased with your home’s features, you also want to enjoy your neighborhood. It won’t take long to determine just how great your new neighborhood truly is. From community amenities to the friendliness of your new neighbors, many factors can help you assess the neighborhood as soon as you move in — if not before.

  1. School District

If your neighborhood is zoned for highly touted schools, chances are you’ve chosen a much-sought-after neighborhood. Highly rated public schools are a draw for buyers of all ages, even young couples without children or empty nesters who have already moved their kids through the public school system, because of their effect on property values. A strong school system means more than just a great place for your kids to learn. It also can boost the value of your property, making your new home a smart investment.

  1. Well-Maintained Homes

Driving through your neighborhood will reveal a lot about the quality of the community. If you see overgrown planting areas, untrimmed trees and messy lawns, chances are your neighbors don’t take a lot of pride in their home. On the other hand, a great neighborhood will boast well-manicured lawns and litter-free sidewalks. Finding out if your neighborhood as a homeowners’ association — and checking out the HOA’s rules — tells you whether your neighbors are held accountable for the condition of their lot, which goes a long way in impacting the overall appearance of the neighborhood.

  1. Friendly Neighbors

Friendly neighbors make a good community great. Getting to know your neighbors allows you to connect with your new community, make new friends and learn about your area. Plus, you’ll always have someone to check your mail or pick up your newspaper when you’re out of town. Even if you aren’t a social butterfly, friendly neighbors are certainly nice to have. Signs of a friendly neighborhood include the HOA hosting community events, such as block parties; neighbors waving to you as you drive by and people introducing themselves when you move in.

  1. Local Amenities

The importance of amenities vary from one homeowner to the next. Great neighborhoods offer a little something for everyone, thereby attracting diverse and engaged residents. Perhaps you want to be able to walk or bike to local restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, accessibility to local parks or neighborhood hiking and biking trails might be important. Social folks will desire such features as a neighborhood pool, gym or tennis courts. Your neighborhood might not have all of these features, but a few of these amenities are a sure sign that you’re moving into a great community.


The right home in a great neighborhood, such as Great Traditions Homes, can be an abode for you to enjoy for years to come. A welcoming community with friendly neighbors and many amenities will leave you pleased with your choice.

3 Summertime Anniversary Gifts Your Wife is Sure to Love

Summertime is the season of fun, sun and, in your case, romance. Not only did you meet your wife during the balmy summer months, this season is also when your wedding took place. In the past, you’ve been fairly good at remembering your anniversary and purchasing appropriate gifts. However, you’ve also become a bit predictable. Although your wife is always happy to receive flowers, chocolates and other standard-grade anniversary gifts from you, you’re determined to go the extra mile to impress this year. Fortunately, the summer season provides romantic souls with ample gift-giving opportunities.

Romantic Travel Excursions

Since summer is when many companies offer their employees vacation time, it’s widely regarded as the season of travel. This year, instead of spending your downtime vegetating on the couch or napping by the pool, take your special lady on a romantic getaway. If there’s a place she’s been dying to visit, don’t hesitate to make this trip happen. Whether the place she has her heart set on is in the U.S. or abroad, spare no expense in making this the most memorable trip of her life. Incidentally, if you’re unclear on where your wife would like to go, reach out to some of her close friends or family members. You could also ask your wife directly, but if you want this getaway to be a surprise, you’re better off getting the info you seek in a more covert manner.

Home Remodels

If there’s a certain part of your home that your wife’s expressed an interest in remodeling, summer is the perfect time to start drawing up plans. Whether she has her sights set on the kitchen, living room or master bedroom, make sure the area in question is redone according to her exact specifications. If your special lady has heart set on a remodeled master bathroom, you can find a seemingly endless assortment of affordable washroom fixtures online.

Outdoor Gatherings

If you and your wife want to celebrate your anniversary with assorted friends and family members, consider hosting a large gathering at your residence. Since summertime features warm weather in abundance, why not make this an outdoor affair? Additionally, if your home has a swimming pool, you can even encourage guests to bring their swimsuits, thus giving the party an extra-summery feel. Whether you choose to prepare the food yourself or hire a caterer, make sure that you wife doesn’t have to lift a finger for the entirety of the proceedings.

With its abundance of gorgeous weather, it’s no wonder summer is widely considered the prime wedding season. As an added bonus, getting married during the summer means you’ll be able celebrate your anniversary during the most anticipated time of year. When looking for the ideal summertime anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with romantic getaways, partial remodels and outdoor parties.

How to Customize Your Rental Apartment

Renting has become one of the most efficient and simple ways to earn money in this world of hard work and rigor. People are increasingly moving towards the renting process and one can see that there are more and more properties put up for rent. Real estate sector has thus become one of the most bankable sectors and people are looking at it as an investment option. This change of perception is the reason for the rapid growth and development of the sector and the reason as to why more and more people are attracted towards it. They also use it as an effective manner to earn money and make the most of their wealth. The ease and omnipresence of technology and internet is taking this sector even more forward and raising the bars for a better deal and better satisfaction of both the parties. One can log in to websites like Housing.com and complete their wish to search for the perfect property. Many people are looking for house for rent in Bangalore simply by sitting at home and logging in to the website! Therefore, the process of finding customers has become easier, but how can make sure that the house looks unique and perfect for the price offered? The answer is through customization. Here are some ways in which a person can customize and make their property unique:-

On a house hunt Keep the broker out

  1. Painting: – this is the most simple and basic way to customize the house and add jewel to its crown. The process of painting may appear as rather a costly affair but a beautiful looking house or property would never be rejected by a potential customer! People who are looking for house for rent in Bangalore often want something unique and different. A beautiful paint can do the honors!
  2. Furnishing: – putting in suitable furniture would add on to the utility of the house and make it look more appealing and full. An empty house is seldom asked for renting as one has to indulge in the tedious and painful task of either transferring furniture or to buy a new set of furniture. If the owner has his or her furniture in the house, the tenant can pay some extra rent for it and make sure that the tedious and hassle full task is avoided. An elegant and useful furniture would beautify and add value to the house.
  3. Decorating it: -one can make the use of perfect and attractive interiors by the owner would simply leave the customer awestruck with the property. There are plenty of plain and normal looking properties available in each of the city. Have something in your property, which is very eloquent and unique enough to awe a customer so much, so that they are ready to live in that flat! If getting new interiors and decorating the house seems a costly affair, one can simply make the best of the existing interiors with arranging and cleaning them in the best possible way. A simple poster or sticker would make it look different without costing a bomb!
  4. Lighting: – one can literally play with the light colors and make the house look beautiful and elegant enough to attract and pull people to come stay in it. One can make the house look colorful by putting lights of different colors at different rooms and locations! The light would also set the mood for a particular room and make it look different!

Therefore, the above are the ways in which a person can customize and decorate their rental house and make sure that their property wins the heart of the customers!

Grab the best property deals with Century Real Estate in Bangalore

A home is the only place where you achieve peace of mind, happiness and relaxation after completing your job. Everybody dreams to have their own home in their desired place. Nowadays, it is not an easy task to have an own home because you need to spend a lot of money and time in finding the right place to live with your family. It becomes more difficult, if you are unaware of the place where you are going to purchase a house for yourself.

Thus, it is always beneficial to hire a real estate company and their experts to make the entire process easy and affordable. Among a number of companies, “Century Real Estate” is a well recognized real estate company based in Bangalore. Our company established in 1973 and since, then we have helped hundreds of families in buying their own home in the city. A limited budget is not a boundary with us to acquire a home.

If you have a small family and you live with your life partner and kids, then a 2BHK apartment is the best option for you. With our company, you will find the one of the ideal 2bhk apartments in Bangalore. You can easily select the locality and the type of your house, as we confer apartments in almost all the places in the city. In a 2BHK apartment, you will get two big bedrooms, along with dining space, modular kitchen, attached bathrooms, open balcony and a spacious hall to enjoy family moments.



Moreover, if your parents stay with you, then you must go for a 3BHK apartment. We too have a huge collection of 3BHK apartments in Bangalore to choose from. All three bedrooms will come with private bathroom for personal usage. The apartment will be also equipped with stylish kitchen, amazing balcony, roomy hall and others. You can shift your home according to your choice and preferences. We carry apartments of various ranges, so that you can easily select your home within your limited budget.

If you want to buy a private villa with state of the art amenities and excellent space, then we are the perfect place for you. We also sell private villas at very competitive prices. You can easily view the exclusive villas available for sale in the city. The villas available with us are equipped with stylish and modern equipment and amenities. You can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable life with your kids and family members there.

Apart from above, we are the one stop destination for our valued customers to grab their desired home in the city. Buy apartments in Bangalore with us and you will get the best and profitable deals on several properties. No matter, whether you are thinking to buy a 2BHK or a 3BHK, we have all types of homes for our customers. To know more about us and our services, feel free to contact our experts and take advantage of our services through our website.


Should catering businesses use few suppliers or many?

There are a number of things that catering businesses must source from suppliers. There are many different kinds of food and ingredient. These range from fresh produce and meats to seasonings, spices and the kind of ingredients needed to produce baked goods and desserts.

At the same time there are many different kinds of non-food catering supplies that a catering business has to source. These range from the big things like appliances to little things like cleaning products and hygiene equipment, specialist workwear and utensils.

Should catering businesses use few suppliers or many(1)

There are essentially two approaches to dealing with these long lists of needs: either a business will try to find the best supplier for each different category of supplies, or they will try to find as few suppliers as possible and source multiple different items from each one. You may have heard both approaches recommended at one time or another and each has its own advantages.

Many suppliers

The theory behind dealing with many different suppliers is that you can find the best supplier for each kind of goods. The best supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables may not be the best supplier of meat, and the best utensils may not come from the same place as the best appliances or cleaning supplies. Juggling different suppliers for each category of catering supplies allows you to consistently maintain high levels of quality across the board. It can also potentially help you get that level of quality at the best possible price, and expand the range available to you.

The downside is that it is a lot more difficult to administer. You must keep a long list of suppliers, know what comes from which, and place larger numbers of orders. You may also miss out on bulk purchase discounts that you may have received if buying multiple types of supply from the same company instead of from different ones.

Few suppliers

While it is highly unlikely you can source everything from just one supplier – especially food and non-food items – some companies prefer to keep their supplier lists as small as possible. This is the certainly the simpler, easier, more streamlined approach. A single company such as 247cateringsupplies.co.uk can provide all your non-food goods, and it may be possible to source all your foods and ingredients from a single supplier as well.

The problem is that by dealing with only a single supplier you may miss out on higher-quality in some categories. However, this is to some extent down to your choice of company. Some companies have already taken the approach of sourcing the best quality in each category, while others are less consistent. When it comes to non-food supplies, it is likely that you will be best off with a single supplier. With food, this could also be the case but this depends both on the companies that could serve your business and on your situation. If you pride yourself on using fresh, local ingredients, for instance, you may be best buying direct from local producers and this is unlikely to mean dealing with just one company.

6 Essential Elements to Have in the Home Office

Creating a great home office can be a tricky project for many people. A home office should create the luxury that makes people feel comfortable and at ease, but it also needs to be a place that encourages productivity. Finding the right balance can be a challenge

6 Essential Elements to Have in the Home Office

Even though it can seem impossible to make a space that will really allow people to work from home efficiently, there are a lot of tricks that anyone can use to make their space work for them. Here are six essential elements to have in the home office.

One item that has nothing to do with work

It may sound like the last thing people need in their home office, but in most cases, it is helpful for people to have at least one outlet in their office that can help them take their mind off of work for just a minute or two each day. This could be anything from a family photo to a TV. People can look up Cox Cable information to see what options might be best for them.

The right furniture to work with

Furniture in the home workspace can be another difficult decision to make. Everyone wants pieces that are not only attractive, but that will also serve all the practical services they need. It is best to focus on getting a good chair first that will provide comfort and support. Next, look for simple furniture that people can add organizational elements to.

Multi-functional technology

Technology can quickly overrun any office space. It is important to find items that will serve multiple purposes to eliminate having too many tech items in the room. Everyone can find at least one or two tech pieces that will provide all the services they need to do their work each day, eliminating cord clutter and distractions.

Great lighting for anytime of the day

A bright space is the most ideal for any type of work. It is common for people to fill their office with florescent lights that will brighten up the space easily. However, it can be more beneficial for people to use natural light during the day and LED lights that are warm and soft for the evening and early morning hours.

Adequate storage

No one wants to see an office that is overrun with files and other items lying all around the floor and furniture surfaces. Make sure that there is enough storage space to make organization and clutter control easy. Invest in a filing system that will work best for the specific personal style and their job.

A place for everything

The best way to control messes and make sure that the home office is never unorganized or difficult to work in is to make sure that everything in the space, present and future, will have a specific place to go. Preparing storage and organization options for everything right away will help people work faster and feel less stressed in their office.